HSC Conference 2019

Eunice Young Kim

As a kid in New Jersey, Eunice discovered yoga via PBS during the 1990’s. While living in New York, the sudden death of her mother in 2000 and the events of nine eleven were turning points that jump started a deeper dive into asking what she might want from this life. Some of the paths she explored were careless. At the same time, yoga and meditation became habits in her life where she found strength and flexibility; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Eunice also discovered a profound steadiness and stillness that sustains and nourishes her daily. Most importantly she discovered empathy and compassion for herself and others. Eunice is committed to facilitating these connections within ourselves as well as with one another, through sharing the wisdom and practices of yoga and its eight limbs.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, August 10

8:00am PDT