HSC Conference 2019

Elliot Clark

Elliot Clark is 15 and has been unschooled and attending the HSC conference his whole life.
He started making drag-and-drop video games on Sploder at around age 9 and has had an interest in making video games ever since. After Sploder, he started using the game engine GameMaker's drag-and-drop features to make video games. His first experience with programming languages was learning JavaScript on Khan Academy. Then he went back to GameMaker and started learning and programming with GameMaker's GML programming language, which he used to make and publish his first serious video game, at age 13, Color Claim (https://gamejolt.com/games/color-claim-pre-alpha/231574). Next he started learing the C# programming language in the game engine Unity. He used Unity to make and publish his second serious video game, six months later, Marble Mania (https://gamejolt.com/games/MarbleMania/287568). He continues to update and improve Marble Mania to this day. Marble Mania has had 7.5K+ downloads, and continues to attract new players, in part thanks to video game trailers he uploads to his YouTube channel (username Ellbell at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKiDHfkK8jhlHN-az0aaSVA?view_as=subscriber). He started making YouTube videos around age 10, but didn't make many videos or gain many subscribers until he discovered Algodoo. Algodoo is a physics learning program that many use to make marble race videos, which inspired Elliot to do the same and make Marble Mania. Once he started making marble race videos himself, he started gaining subscribers rapidly and now has 6K+ subscribers!

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, August 10

5:00pm PDT