HSC Conference 2019
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Remy Foley-Voosen

At four months old - two weeks ahead of the pediatric progress chart - Remy managed fit a toe into his mouth. By six months, he had learned to say “aaaaand scene”. At four, he had written a script for a major motion picture under the pseudonym, Ben “Smitty” Westmorelandfeildington. By age ten, he had formed and dissolved an alternative theatre (NOT theater, thank you) troupe after being disqualified from the Improv Olymics due to a doping scandal. He was later exonerated on all charges, but the damage was done. To recover his career and his greatness, he began – at the 2017 DiscoverCon in Anaheim, to teach… To pass along the torch of improv greatness. To cultivate a new younger generation of teen thespians. An improvisational genius since birth, Remy Foley-Voosen is a literal giant, compared to how tall he was when he started his career at age four. REMY FOLEY-VOOSEN. The eye of the controversy storm is here. And he’s teaching improv.