HSC Conference 2019

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Diversity Inclusion & Social Justice [clear filter]
Friday, August 9


Talking about Race and Racism: A Frank Discussion
The idea of race has a difficult and complex history, especially here in the US.
It has been used for centuries to categorize, reward, and penalize people based on perceived differences.
And despite often being misguidedly defined by skin tone and other physical attributes, race has no genetic basis but this powerful social construction has a tremendous impact on individuals’ lives because it is often employed to establish and maintain privilege and power dynamics.
Even the definitions of race and racism are themselves a product of racism's long and conflicted history in our society.
So with all of that in mind, how does one go about having a dialogue about this important topic?
By coming to this informative and lively discussion!
This talk will discuss Race and Racism and how it impacts us all, especially us as Un/Homeschoolers.
Please come with your questions, concerns and solutions as we navigate this very important topic. All are Welcome.

Friday August 9, 2019 4:00pm - 5:45pm
Saturday, August 10


Real American
Julie Lythcott-Haims came up through brand name schools and entered the corporate world, all the while feeling a desperate need to prove that as a Black woman she had what it would take to succeed. In this moving and insightful talk, Julie turns her journey from self loathing to self love into practical recommendations about how to create an environment in which all humans can thrive. Her candid and incisive commentary on our broken system opens hearts and inspires action.

Saturday August 10, 2019 9:30am - 10:40am


Diversity: Doing the work
The topic of diversity is super important to me. As a white child growing up in a mixed family, I have always been aware of the ways we kids were treated differently in public. Even so, I catch myself getting caught up in the white blindness more often than l like to admit. But I will admit it. Otherwise, I am hurting the people I love most in the world, as well my neighbors and people I don’t even know.

Why should a white woman address diversity? Because everyone should. Because the problem starts here and needs to be addressed. Because I can. Because equity is a beautiful thing. Because I screw up often enough to know how it feels to mess up, get back up, admit it, and keep trying. Because I’d like to encourage others to have the courage to make life better for everyone. Because comfort zones are way overrated.


Christabel Choi

Christabel Choi is a writer, adventurer, and homeschooler living in the East Bay with three boisterous generations somewhat settled under one roof. Her three children, ages 15, 18, 21 have spent thirteen years trying to teach their parents how to homeschool, and they hope one day... Read More →

Saturday August 10, 2019 11:00am - 12:15pm


White Awake in the Homeschool World: A Supportive Dialogue for White People on Dismantling Racism in our own Communities
Let’s discuss how we can:-Create more inclusive homeschool communities-Raise race conscious children-Educate ourselves and our families about privilege and racism-Become more confident in speaking up-Recognize and respond to homeschool-specific need for white allies


Alanya Snyder

Alanya is the Co-Founder of Ka-Lo Academy, an organization that serves teens who want to leave traditional school and build a self-directed education.Alanya has worked with adolescents since 1997 and has homeschooled for 10 years. Her own children are 13 and 15.She is also an activist... Read More →

Saturday August 10, 2019 12:30pm - 1:45pm
Sunday, August 11


Be an effective LGBTQA+ Ally
Is someone in your orbit a member of the LGBTQA+ community? Not sure what your role is? Would you like some support skills to be the best ally you can? Come join this interactive workshop to learn the three most important ally skills so you can support those you love.


Melina Winterton

Melina received her Masters in Public Health from Eastern Virginia Medical School and has been teaching students of all ages about sex and drugs for over 20 years. She is also a veteran homeschooling parents, with two full grown, content kids.

Sunday August 11, 2019 9:30am - 10:45am


Homeschool Social Justice
Social justice issues occur globally, nationally, regionally, locally, and within groups. These issues are a result of unequal wealth and resource distribution, unfair treatment of individuals with differing traits (race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, etc.), and laws that support segregation.  It's important for our kids to understand the things that are going on around them and their place in the world and in their community.  Young people are indoctrinated constantly by advertising, images, and social and news media.  It is our responsibility to our children to widen the lens through which they see.  OUR world's problems cannot be solved by the institutions that created them, because these institutions are stuck in old ways of thinking.  They know how to make the systems easier, more convenient and more efficient, but they don’t know how to help the people they hurt or how to save the environments they damage.  In order for our country's consciousness to shift, people with privilege need to see the problems of the people without privilege as their own.  All it takes to change the world is a person who recognizes a problem, looks for a solution, and articulates those solutions with passion and intelligence.Please join us for open dialogue on action steps to make this possible.


Sunday August 11, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm
San Martin