HSC Conference 2019

Anna Smith

Urban Homeschoolers
Los Angeles, CA - LA County

Anna Smith began homeschooling her oldest daughter in kindergarten 15 years ago and never looked back. Her family has been a part of many co-op and homeschooling groups in the Los Angeles area. When her oldest daughter was becoming a teen Anna began looking for a hybrid educational model that incorporated homeschooling with the classroom experience.  When she was unable to find what she was looking for, she created it by co-founding Urban Homeschoolers, a homeschooling resource center in Los Angeles.

In Urban Homeschoolers Anna has found her passion in alternative education. In the 4 years since opening its doors Urban Homeschoolers has reached over 600 homeschoolers in the Los Angeles area. Anna believes strongly that one size definitely does not fit all in education and she’s leading the charge in the hybrid educational movement.

For the last three years Anna has joined other homeschooling mothers and alternative educational professionals to organize the LA Homeschool Prom. This event attracts 175 area homeschool teens each year.

Anna is a wife and the mother of three, and is enjoying the homeschooling adventure with her family.